Energy Awareness Australia is committed to the environment by inspiring sustainability and promoting the switch to renewable resources.


We all know owning or renting a home is a big responsibility.

There’s the mortgage payments or rent to consider not to mention the weekly shopping bills. All these commitments can have a significant impact on you financially and when you factor in energy and water costs the reality can really set in.

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At Energy Awareness Australia, we can show you lots of ways on how to:
  • Reduce your energy and water consumption.
  • Save $$$ off your water and electricity bills.
  • Choose the right heating and cooling products
  • Create zero emission home
  • Achieve a carbon neutral environment
Did you know you can save as much as 15% off your power bill by turning off appliances at the power point rather than leaving them on ‘stand by’.

Energy Awareness Australia we help you save energy, save money, save the environment!